TOUR: All Our Friends At Night 2011

Once again, All Our Friends At Night is returning to Canberra, bringing with it a small selection of Parklife artists! Which is very exciting, especially after the recent announcement that there will be no Parklife 2011 sideshows.

Check out the line up below. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty amazing night!

Wolfgang Gartner

Plus local acts:
Peking Duk

UC REFECTORY, University of Canberra

Tickets on sale 9AM MONDAY 22 AUGUST 2011
18+ event
Tickets available from​event.aspx?id=49336&ref=mo​shtix&skin
1st release: $69.95 (BF inc) 2nd release: $79.95 (BF inc)

TOUR: Stonefest 2011

This morning the lineup for one of Canberra’s biggest music festivals was released: Stonefest! Stonefest has been around for 43 years, is held annually on University of Canberra grounds, and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

This year the festival will be spread across three stages, and it’s going to be massive: The Superstage, UC Refectory Stage, and Zierholz stage.

Here’s the lineup, listed under each stage, and ordered by playing times (thanks to Frontier Touring for that info)! You could almost plan your day off this already!


The Vines
The Grates
Josh Pyke
Jonathan Boulet
Crash the Curb
triple j Unearthed winner
Changeovers: Purple Sneakers DJs


The Aston Shuffle LIVE
Tonite Only
Flight Facilities
Sampology (AV/DJ Set)
D’Opus and Roshambo
Dept of Defiance
Changeovers: Jemist


Ball Park Music
Lanie Lane
Big Scary
Hunting Grounds
Owl Eyes
The Snowdroppers
The Bedroom Philosopher
Fun Machine
Vacant Field


hosted by The Hump Day Project
Pang! DJs
Strangeways DJs
Architect DJs
Swim Team DJs

Stonefest is an 18+ event, and is held on Saturday the 29th of October.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Student Offer: $61.40 + booking fee (Valid student ID required)
General admission: $88.00 + booking fee
VIP: $165.00 + booking fee

Pre-sale tickets are go from 2pm AEST, Monday the 15th of August, for 24 hours or until allocation is exhausted. Sign up for the pre-sale over at Frontier Touring.
General public tickets go on sale at 9am, Friday the 19th of August. Tickets are being sold through Ticketek.

LIVE: Grafton Primary, live at The UC Refectory, Canberra (11-02-11)

Last Friday I got a chance to see Australian dance act Grafton Primary at the University of Canberra’s Refectory.

We arrived at about 9 o’clock, hoping to get in early and nab a good spot. To my dismay, it wasn’t necessary for two reasons. Firstly, various DJ’s had been booked to play until Grafton came on – their set time started around 11:30. Secondly, there were no more than 30 odd people in attendance, and with a venue the size of the Refectory, the crowd seemed even smaller and scattered around the room.

Luckily, my friend convinced the organisers to give us a pass out, and we left for the pub. Returning two hours later, we only missed the first song or two of Grafton’s set, and the crowd hadn’t grown too much, but I can say this – the band were cool enough to put on a show for us anyway. I always imagined that for some it could be hard to play to such varying crowd sizes, and it could be hard to get excited about playing in what looks like an empty room, but Grafton Primary did it, and they did it fairly well.

Being unfamiliar with most of the set material, I will say some of the songs sounded very samey – but that happens to me when I see some artists live with no prior knowledge. Sometimes it all kind of blends in. Though they did “All Stars” as an “encore”, which was nice to be able to sing along to something I knew.

The three of them put in a solid effort (although I was disappointed I didn’t see the keytar from the “Relativity” clip), and for such a small show, I was pleased they got an excited response from a few listeners up the front in the crowd. It’s always good to see people showing their appreciation and enthusiasm for a band, and Grafton certainly seemed to enjoy the people who sang along and got into it all. Time will tell whether their sound evolves into something more, or if they sit on what they have now. At any rate, it’s good fun, and their dance-floor electro style no doubt hits it’s target market right on the head. I have an underlying feeling that if it isn’t happening already, that the Australian public will soon become tired of a band like Grafton – not because Grafton are bad, they’re not, but because there seem to be a flood of bands like this around doing this thing already. Nothing reaches out and grabs me as a listener and demands my attention, or says “look at me – I do this exceptionally well”.

It was a fun gig, and Grafton play music which has a lot of appeal. Unfortunately, to get the exposure they probably want, they either need to move out more creatively, or somehow refine their style to reach that upper echelon of dance and pop music.

It’ll be interesting to see where they go, but they’re clearly a band determined to stick around – which is always a promising sign.