BRAND NEW: Broken Social Scene – "World Sick"

After 5 whole years, Broken Social Scene are releasing a new album. Titled "Forgiveness Rock Record", I’m getting the distinct feeling that this is an album I’m going to have to pick up on it’s release (which is around May the 4th, apparently May the 3rd in Europe). Though I never caught onto Broken Social Scene when their other albums were released (likely due to both terrible taste in music 5 years ago, I would’ve been 12, c’mon, and not being exposed to them at all), I have heard very good things about them. I know that the current line-up has been pulled back to 6 members (a relatively low amount compared to previous line-ups), but that various other musicians, including older members, have popped in to contribute to the album.

"World Sick" begins with some rolling drums, and a simple light-hearted guitar riff. Echo-laden notes drop in once the vocals come in, and lead in an absolutely epic, clashing, and soaring chorus. The drums make me want to bounce, and the chorus makes me want to sing along . This song really brings together what grand majestic indie/baroque rock should be made of. It brings back distinct memories of those moments of pure explosive movement and great song composition, not unlike those that I experience when I listen to Arcade Fire’s "Funeral" (despite stylistic differences, this comparison was inevitable for me). "World Sick" moves between expanding chorus’ and bopping verses, and for once, I’m genuinely excited about what I’m hearing. If this is an indication of what’s to follow on "Forgiveness Rock Record", I think I’m going to be very pleased.

Perhaps in the future I should be harsher with my review scores, to allow a clearer distinction between what is brilliant and what is just pretty good. But this is brilliant.

Score: 9/10

Grab a free download here. Do it now.

BRAND NEW: Dirty Projectors – "Ascending Melody" 7"

Eccentric pop melodies are rolled together on the two songs from this free single, "Ascending Melody" and "Emblem Of The World". Dragged around the songs are loose-played guitars, and the twangy, sunny vibe, leaving you unsure entirely what to expect from Dirty Projectors.

The female vocal lines rise and begin "Ascending Melody" before the male counterpart joins in, balancing out the song and interweaving vocal duties in the chorus. There’s an overwhelming exuberance that seems to transcend the music completely. It sounds like they’re having fun at the same time too.

"Emblem Of The World" isn’t quite as interesting or appealing, but provides a nice bit of filler for the single. It’s in the same style as "Ascending Melody", as you would expect, but isn’t quite as up-beat.

Score: 6/10

Grab a free download of the single here.