Send me your music!

I’m contributing for Tone Deaf and The AU Review now.

This means that I’m going to have less time to take on articles for On The Tune.

You now have two options, so pay attention guys.

1. You can send me your music for review. If you do so, I strongly prefer digital copies.
You might get lucky, and I might be able to write about your music in some capacity if I like it.

2. You can send me a track to include in one of my free mixtapes. You’re much more likely to get exposure this way.
If you do this, specify in your e-mail that I have permission to give your track away for free and all that jazz.

If you don’t hear from me, it’s either because your e-mail was sent out as a bulk newsletter and I don’t have any interest, or (more likely) that I haven’t checked my inbox. If it’s actually addressed to me, then 99% of the time I do end up replying – eventually.

Either way, keep your press releases/e-mails simple and to the point. I don’t have hours to wade through your wall of text to get to the point.


3 thoughts on “Send me your music!

  1. Hi there, Its Curse Ov Dialect the Rap musical sandwich group We are just finishing off our new psychedelic rap album. Since 1994, we have been an anomaly in the Hip hop scene and electronic/indie scene for that matter. A Combination of Paso Bionic (TZU, Audego), Raceless, Atarangi, August 2 and Volk. We are a surrealist and political mix of quirky sampling and Vocals .Curse ov Dialect were the 1st rap orientated Australian act signed in the U.S in 2003 on MUSH records. Because we have a Psychedelic Prog Rap album coming, we would love it if on the tune did a feature about us. Here are the links to some of our free tracks. The new album is in the works but the Raceless solo album is a free download now…

    Here ’tis

  2. Hello, saw your comment on Pigeons & Planes. Here’s a link to my mixtape. You may use any song. I would suggest giving “Femme Fatale” or “I Don’t Know” a listen first. Holla!

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