VIDEO: Goodnight Owl – “Maps & Compasses”

The brilliant Aussie electro-folksters Goodnight Owl have premiered a new video clip! It’s for their single “Maps & Compasses”, from their debut self-titled EP. For a first clip, it’s pretty well made, and should be commended for being interesting and inventive. Check it out. If you’ve never heard of these guys you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Grab some of their tracks for free here and give them a listen while you’re at it. I feel these guys have the potential to move onto big things.


5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Goodnight Owl – “Maps & Compasses”

  1. This is indeed quite an amazing clip. Reminds me a bit of Jonathan Boulet’s “A Community Service Announcement” video. I think it’s the running through nature and going into the sea at the end.

    Anyway, this is a great blog and I love what you do.

      1. No worries :) I just stumbled on your blog today after spending my day procrastinating, and I extremely relate to your “About On The Tune” section and it made me smile!

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